The Ajwa dates are a super kind of dry fruit. The Ajwa dates are mostly found in the Persian Gulf region. The most admired and healthy dates are Ajwa dates, which are found in and around the holy city of Madinah Munawarah in Saudi Arabia. The tree of date is considered sacred in most of the world’s religions. 

Ginger is a widely used flowering plant mainly consumed as a spice or medicine, also known as Sund in Hindi and Ayurveda. It grows one meter tall as a root and has narrow leaves above the ground. Best known for its remedial powers as a spiced root, people from all over the world use it because it has wonderful, curative abilities. Despite its low nutritional value, ginger for weight loss and consumed for ages. Its uses vary drastically as it can be grated into the tea, used to infuse a flavor in the curry, create a strength tonic or medicine for Muscular Pains and chronic infection.

Turmeric, also known as Indian saffron, is a plant that belongs to the ginger family. The underground stem of this herb has special importance. This plant is native to Southeast Asia, and it has been grown for centuries in the region. This plant has been used in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine. The specific yellow color of this plant makes it an important part of curry and many other dishes.

The existence of the earth has known to be from 4.5 billion years, and one would think that it’s been long enough for humans to have discovered all the bounties of the planet and made use of them. However, this is not even near the truth. The earth is a planet which keeps giving, every day there is a discovery of something new and more useful.

Honey is a sweet, syrupy substance produced by honeybees when they use the plants for sugar secretion. Certain methods of evaporation are followed by storing it in honeycombs made of wax. But did you know that this tasty syrup has some mind-blowing and amazing benefits to the health, hair, and skin of humans? It is widely used as a food product worldwide as a sweetener for pancakes, in hot beverages, sandwiches, or salads. 

Oftentimes the human mind doesn’t understand the superpowers certain foods own. They seem too ordinary to be given another glance, and then you see adults gushing about their medicinal power or richness in flavor which leaves you in thought. One such food is the plant of Tulsi, it is found in different varieties in India and is being used as an herbal medicine for the last five thousand years. It is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine and is a holy plant in Hinduism but it also has a place in Thai cuisine. Tulsi Kay Patey is extremely beneficial in improving health by managing general issues such as sugar levels, helping the heart stay safe, and also with countless stomach pain remedies. It doesn’t only ward off probably the most well-known diseases, but it also has the power to fight off bacteria of many kinds, reinforcing the immunity system and combating viral infections while providing relief from hair growth treatment and skin issues. We have prepared this article to help you see how you can make use of Holy Basel Leaves تلسی کے پتے for the best of your advantage and what it is bound to give you because of its bountiful properties.

There is always something to love about coconuts, you might not like the taste but can’t resist the aroma of it or you might not like the smell of it but you still use it for its incredible health, skin, and hair benefits. A blessing in disguise, it is a fruit from the palm tree of Coconut, used for water, oil, milk, and much more. They are grown in tropical regions but are immensely popular for their uses in food, sweets, drinks, and aromatic flavors. In the tropical regions, it has been used as a staple food for centuries but in recent years, almost everyone using it excessively in cooking and for medicinal purposes.

A flavor that all desi families are much acquainted with, ajwain (اجوائن) is extracted from a spice plant that began in our own one of a kind nation. These seeds fluctuate from being somewhat olive green to brown in tone. All pieces of this spice have an exceptionally solid aroma. The seeds have a harsh and sharp flavor, fairly like oregano, and as a result of its solid sweet-smelling substance, it is regularly added to curries and pickles. It is one of those uncommon flavors that satisfy the twin motivation behind including flavor and being useful for the wellbeing and health of its consumers.

The benefits of spearmint and Podina Kohi (pahari podina)is made with such finesse that every single thing which exists here has its multiple uses, no matter how minute or ordinary it may look. The endless blessings and wonders of this earth never fail to amaze humankind. Plants and natural herbs are one of those marvels as they look as ordinary as they can but still amaze us with their countless uses and benefits. Spearmint is one of those heavenly smelling and incredibly the herb spearmint tea benefits. It is merely a leaf of a plant, but it can be used in such various ways to our advantage that it’s uncanny.

Often we see adults knocking back different herbs and seeds at odd times for various reasons such as digestion or blood sugar level. And if you question them about it, they start recommending you a thousand different remedies and uses of those thousand different herbs. And let’s be real, they are quite useful and efficient most of the time. Black cumin seeds are also one of those rare herbs that we often find being promoted for a good healthy life. They are also known as fennel seeds and grow like a plant mainly in the eastern Mediterranean, Pakistan, and India. They are widely known for black cumin or Kala Jeera benefits as a spice in several desi delish dishes.

How many times do you crave something sweet? Something to refresh your taste buds? A normal person generally likes to have at least a small serving of something sweet between their meals. If you are a big fan of candy, would you consider replacing it with something far more herbal and natural remedies for depression? If your answer is yes, there are two words for you – rock sugar(Koza misri)! If you have never heard of it, it is a crystalline form of unrefined sugar. Originated mainly from Iran, it is made by the extraction of sugar from sugarcane juice. There are numerous health benefits of gastric ulcer that you cannot look over. If you have been consuming this delightful Iranian delicacy at your favorite Persian restaurant, it is time to bring it home.

Mustard seeds  are lying around in every other Pakistani house. As a staple part of many meals, this strongly scented seed is known for adding depths of flavors in a certain food. Our mothers have been using this ingredient in popular homemade snacks like the unmatchable pakoras. Known as Rai in Urdu, these seeds come from the mustard seed plant. The origin of the plant dates 5000 years back to the Middle East, North Africa, and Mediterranean Europe. Over time, people have been cultivating a substantial amount of mustard in countries like India and Canada. It shows the diverse temperature tolerance of the plant. 

Are you also the one finding health benefits in natural ingredients or high blood pressure remedies? Do you want to add such beneficial remedies for weight loss to your daily life for ? Here we are with the commonest yet a worthy ingredient you might be looking for. Yes, red chili powder it is!Chilies have consistently been known as fixings that add spice to your food. They belong to the family Capsicum annuum and are referred to as red chilies, peppers, or chili peppers.

Growing your hair is a job that requires patience and time. There is a lot of work that goes into female hair loss treatment. Regular trims, protein hair masks, and conditioning treatments from the salon are a compulsory part of your hair-growing marathon. If you are a Pakistani, living in a traditional household, then your grandmother must have mentioned about shikakai more than once. It has always been a part of their hair care routine. In the present-day polluted environment, home remedies for lice is exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins that can cause problems like scalp irritation and hair growth treatment. Growing up, oiling and constipation remedies were a part of every girls’ life but somehow, this has been taken away from little girls of this developed era. Acacia concinna has been an important part of Ayurvedic medicine.

Unless you are allergic, there is no possible reason why you might not like almonds. King of dry fruits and a fantastic snack to munch on, you can have them literally in any way you desire. Toasted with salt or combined with your favorite Chinese curry, almonds are indeed a great addition to any dish. They are available in any form; sliced, oil, butter, and milk, and even as flour. You name it! You must be surprised to know that its flour is widely used by people following a ketogenic diet plan.

Olive oil has won our hearts a million times and is recognized as the world’s healthiest vegetable oil. The incredible aroma makes it irresistible and often time we find ourselves using it in our salad dressing, cooking, and frying food. But did you know that it has far more essential properties than just being flavorful? Olive oil, also known as Zaitoon oil, is a liquid fat that comes from squeezing out the most natural olives from the traditional and native trees of the Mediterranean Basin. 

Often we have heard of tea tree essential oil usage from our favorite supermodels, calling it a secret ingredient for their delicate-looking fresh skin. Many dermatologists also seem to recommend proper use of this essential oil for medicinal purposes of hair, skin, and nails. But where did this heaven made oil come from? Well, it is extracted from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia, a small tree with a bushy crown and native of Australia. It is also called the tea tree because of the amazing gift of this essential oil.

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