Shikakai Will Maintain Your Hair And General Health With No Side-Effects!

Growing your hair is a job that requires patience and time. There is a lot of work that goes into female hair loss treatment. Regular trims, protein hair masks, and conditioning treatments from the salon are a compulsory part of your hair-growing marathon. If you are a Pakistani, living in a traditional household, then your grandmother must have mentioned about shikakai more than once. It has always been a part of their hair care routine. In the present-day polluted environment, home remedies for lice is exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins that can cause problems like scalp irritation and hair growth treatment. Growing up, oiling and constipation remedies were a part of every girls’ life but somehow, this has been taken away from little girls of this developed era. Acacia concinna has been an important part of Ayurvedic medicine. It has its origins rooted back to the exotic continent of India. Over time, people have stopped giving value to this natural ingredient. We have decided to explain some extraordinary benefits of this miracle plant and how it can help your hair growth treatment.

Shikakai Benefits for Hair

Promotes Hair Growth

People living in eastern countries often relate long hair with beauty. A woman is considered to have added grace if she has long healthy hair. The home remedies for lice help to growing the hair to a certain length is not as much of an issue but their maintenance certainly is. Maintaining hair health while they grow according to your desired health is important. You need to add several different kinds of vitamins and minerals in your diet and to your hair to achieve that. Shikakai consists of vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. They provide female hair loss treatment with the nourishment necessary for healthy hair. Vitamin K is a rich antioxidant. It will help prevent any damage to the scalp. Vitamin A helps in the production of an oily substance known as sebum. This substance is beneficial for female hair loss treatment. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant. It also creates a vital hair protein known as collagen. Vitamin D makes new pores in your scalp for new and healthy hair. An old herbal remedy which comprises shikakaimixed with henna and yogurt is quite productive. You can see results in a couple of months.

Cleanses Hair Effectively

How many girls out there hesitate to stand under the shower every morning because chemicals in shampoos are not very good for hair? There must be millions of you out there. Lucky for you, nature still exists. With natural ingredients, you can easily work up a lather to wash your hair and clean them every day. Using shikakai to wash your hair instead of shampoo is good. In fact, it is better to wash your hair regularly with it. It comprises saponin that forms lather after water is added to it. This lather is not as rich and foamy as your regular shampoo. But, it will clean your hair as effectively. The best part is that you won’t be exposed to any chemicals or harsh side-effects to the female hair loss treatment or scalp.

Removes Dandruff and Lice

Men and women who are often exposed to communicating with unknown people have chances to use home remedies for lice and catching hair lice. Young school children have more chances of contracting lice. Shikakai has antibacterial and antifungal properties. These home remedies for lice to help in removing dandruff and head lice. It works on the dryness of your hair growth treatment to remove dandruff without taking effective oils from the scalp. You can wave those dry dandruff filled hair a happy goodbye because, once you are introduced to this herb, the fate of your hair is going to change forever. According to Ayurvedic methods, adding lemons to water boiled with shikakai pods will help you get rid of dandruff and head lice. It will also leave your hair smoother and shinier after each wash.

Shikakai Benefits for Health

Heals Wounds

Infected wounds can harm your health if they are not treated on time. According to Ayurvedic medicinal practices, acacia concinna powder has been quite a useful agent to treat wounds. Not only is it a natural healer, but it also helps you get rid of the swelling, itching, burning, and inflammation caused due to the wound. The centuries-old method of using shikakai infusion can help you get relief from the injury. Some people like to use it in powdered form with turmeric, another great healer. But, it can cause dryness to some people. In that case, it is best to use with amla powder and yogurt.

Effective for Constipation

Constipation is becoming a common problem among people. It happens mainly due to a malnourished diet and frequent consumption of junk food. Earlier, it was just a problem for infants and seniors. Now, every other person is affected by constipation remedies. Shikakai herb  consists of some properties that can help you manage constipation. Water infused with crushed, seedless shikakai plant will act as a laxative and relieve constipation. The recommended serving is 1/4 glass before going to bed. Many people don’t talk about it but, piles are also a problem caused merely by untreated constipation. Ayurvedic medical experts believe that using it the same way as for constipation remedies will help you get rid of piles as well.

Increases Appetite

Anorexia is a real problem. For people who do not feel hungry for a long period, you might be harming your health unknowingly. It is mandatory to eat al least five small meals or three large meals throughout the day. Are you looking forward to gaining weight without the use of any chemical-based products? Well, shikakai herb might be a solution to this problem. It helps people get an appetite when eaten as a regular part of the diet. Normally, having a lesser appetite than standard recommendations is because of a weak digestive system. It helps you stimulate your digestive system and produce gastric juices that will allow you to naturally buildup your appetite over time. Take a whole shikakai without seeds and crush it. Soak it in a glass of water and drink a quarter of it before your meal.

Improves Oral Health

While you are working that appetite up, focus on your oral health as well. Oral health is as important as your physical health. Your gums, teeth, constipation remedies, and oesophageal regions are exposed to everything that you need and their protection is as important as any other part of the body. Shikakai will not only help your hair growth treatment, but it will offer amazing benefits for your gums as well. It will help you get rid of breath odor and leave a refreshing feeling in your mouth. Your mouth is exposed to ulcers, boils, sores, constipation remedies, and other infections. It will prevent you from developing those. It is also beneficial for gums and aids in prevention from tonsils. You can gargle with acacia concinna infused water every day.

Treats Scabies

Skin diseases like scabies are spread from people to people upon constant contact with each other. Fortunately, shikakaican be used to treat such skin diseases. You can take help your skin with this plant. All you have to do is make an antiseptic body wash. This body wash will be made of shikakai powdermixed thoroughly with turmeric. It is preferred that you use dried turmeric. Soak it in water and grind until it turns into a paste. Burn some acacia concinna pods until they blacken. Turn them into a powder. Add the paste and powder in milk until well-blended. Strain the mixture and apply it to your body as a body wash.

Final Thoughts on Shikakai

You might consider it as an old herb that has been replaced by chemical-based products. But, the truth is that this natural plant has more benefits and added properties in comparison to any other product. You can introduce shikakai in your life by ordering it from Ajmal Herbs.

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