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Consult herbal is a platform for all those health enthusiasts who want to take charge of their well-being. Here you can find information that covers all aspects of holistic healing from herbal remedies to natural supplements. It provides evidence-based research on herbal products, nutrition, and lifestyle changes that can help individuals achieve a healthier life. 

Consult Herbal is a platform for all those health enthusiasts who wish to connect to who they are and what they want! Consult Herbal is a team of qualified holistic practitioners headed by the herbalist, reiki healer, and hypnotherapist Ajmal Khan, who has over a decade of experience in natural medicine.We believe that our body has an innate ability to heal, and with a little extra help, it can be directed to the right path.

Herbalist Ajmal Khan

Herbalist Ajmal Khan comes from a long lineage of distinguished scholars and herbalists and wishes to continue his family’s legacy.  He majored in business studies at Kingston College in London. During this time, he also completed an Economics and Business course at the University of Vienna (2008-2009). He then went to Wales for his postgraduate in Business Administration at Cardiff University. He always longed to follow his family’s legacy so, in 2006, he became certified as a reiki healer. 

In order to expand his knowledge, he completed a few other certificates:

He regularly attends patients at his clinics and is a health mentor to his clients around the world.

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