Shilajit is a tacky, tar-like substance that is tracked down in the stones of the Himalayas, Altai Mountains, Caucasus Mountains, and other mountain ranges. It has been shaped over hundreds of years by the deterioration of plant matter and contains a rich combination of minerals, fulvic corrosive, and other natural mixtures. In customary Ayurvedic medication, shilajit is respected for its implied medical advantages. Be that as it may, logical exploration on its belongings is as yet restricted. Here are a few revealed advantages and expected incidental effects:


  1. Cell reinforcement Properties: Shilajit is rich in fulvic corrosive and different cancer prevention agents that might assist with killing hurtful free extremists, possibly lessening oxidative pressure and cell harm.
  2. Calming Impacts: A few examinations propose that shilajit could have calming properties, which could be gainful in overseeing irritation related conditions.
  3. Energy and Endurance: It is accepted to upgrade energy levels, further develop endurance, and lessen exhaustion, conceivably because of its supplement content and expected impacts on mitochondrial capability.
  4. Mental Function: There is some proof recommending that shilajit could make neuroprotective impacts and might actually uphold mental capability, memory, and learning.
  5. Men’s Wellbeing: In conventional use, it has been related with further developing richness, testosterone levels, and sexual wellbeing in men.

Side Effects

While by and large thought to be ok for the vast majority when taken in moderate sums, shilajit could cause a few secondary effects or difficulties in specific people:

  1. Weighty Metal Tainting: The presence of weighty metals like lead, arsenic, and others has been accounted for in some Shilajit items, which can be unsafe. Guarantee you buy shilajit from respectable sources to limit this gamble.
  2. Stomach related Issues: Certain individuals could encounter stomach related issues like a resentful stomach, the runs, or sickness.
  3. Cooperations with Drugs: Shilajit could cooperate with specific drugs, similar to pulse meds, diuretics, or meds utilized by the liver. Counsel a medical services proficient before use in the event that you’re taking drugs.


There is certainly not a deep rooted prescribed dose for shilajit because of restricted logical exploration. Measurements might shift in view of the structure (powder, pitch, or container) and grouping of the item. For the most part, common portions range from 100 mg to 500 mg each day, however it’s significant to follow item unambiguous suggestions or counsel a medical care supplier for direction.


Shilajit is viewed as an Ayurvedic home grown substance with potential medical advantages, however more logical exploration is expected to affirm its adequacy and security. Continuously decide on excellent shilajit from legitimate sources to lessen the gamble of impurities. People with hidden medical issue or those taking drugs ought to counsel a medical services proficient prior to integrating shilajit into their routine to keep away from likely unfavorable impacts or cooperations.

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