Black Cumin

Often we see adults knocking back different herbs and seeds at odd times for various reasons such as digestion or blood sugar level. And if you question them about it, they start recommending you a thousand different remedies and uses of those thousand different herbs. And let’s be real, they are quite useful and efficient most of the time. Black cumin seeds are also one of those rare herbs that we often find being promoted for a good healthy life. They are also known as fennel seeds and grow like a plant mainly in the eastern Mediterranean, Pakistan, and India. They are widely known for black cumin or Kala Jeera benefits as a spice in several desi delish dishes and are known as Kala zeera in Ayurvedic medicine where it is a huge name in herbal medicine.It is widely recommended for instant relief from stomach ailments such as diarrhea, colic, constipation, and other digestive issues. But it is also commonly used to heal respiratory issues such as asthma, allergies, and flu of different kinds. Not only that, it is used very commonly in everyone’s favorite desi foods like Pulao, Biryani, and Daal. Growing up in a desi household, the smell of these seeds must a very familiar one to you. It is often mixed in the food you didn’t expect it to be in because it does not have a strong taste to mess with the flavor but our parents do, righteously, believe that it’s essential for good health.

Benefits of Black cumin for Health

1. Asthma

Respiratory issues can be hazardous and deadly, the worst thing about them being is they could hit you anytime and anywhere. Asthma is very common in people in Pakistan, the reason behind this is the inhale and exhale of permanently polluted air and the environment. The airways and breathing pipes become clogged which results in severe attacks. Fortunately, black cumin seeds are very commonly recommended and used to cure this problem and many people who use herbal treatments as a part of their daily life have benefited from it. The reason behind this is that the consumption of these seeds helps in reducing inflammation in the airway and make it easier to breathe. It is packed with antioxidants which help in relaxing the muscles of the throat and make it easier to respire. All you need to do is add 500mg of the seeds in your daily diet, you can consume it however you want in your food, salad or drinks. One of the most effective ways is to heat the seeds before eating them raw with a teaspoon, the heat helps in making the full utilization of its oils.

2. Digestion

Having a gastric problem can be a very awkward situation at times, it makes your stomach hard and bloated which you have to endure along with painful cramps. The antioxidant properties of black cumin can be very helpful to you in such situations. It has anti-inflammatory properties, kala jeera benefits for reducing the excess acids in the stomach. The oil present in the black seed can be a source of digestive acids that regulates the digestion process and encourage a bowel movement. Kala Jeera has proven to be an incredibly credible source of comfort from indigestion in the herbal meds as well as Ayurveda. All you need to do is swallow a few seeds raw after you have dinner, and feel the difference yourself. It will also help with the cramps caused by gastrointestinal issues.

3. Ulcer

A very widespread yet scary issue in the people of Pakistan is the problem of Ulcer, and many people blame the intake of heavily spicy food on regular basis for this. Often it requires you to have a complete shift from your dietary plan to survive the pain. The pain you feel from the ulcer is because the stomach acid has eaten the lubricant in the lining of your stomach, it is very difficult to restore them. But luckily, a healthy intake of black cumin has proven to have a very positive effect in treating stomach ulcers. The seeds are packed with remedial minerals which are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, etc. When you take Kala zeera with your food, it has a very relieving impact on your stomach and prevents the protective lining from being damaged. It is very easy to use as you can take it with honey and milk, add it to your tea or even salads. But trust nature, it is wondrous when it comes to treating stomach ails.

4. Corona Virus

The year 2020 will always be imprinted as a stroke of bad luck in our minds with what it brought with itself – the pandemic of the world, Corona Virus. The name itself makes you shudder because to this day, no vaccine has been made to treat it. People all around the world who suffered from it, or have seen a close one go through it, have been recommending natural remedies and herbal medicines. Black cumin has proven to be one of the most popularly helpful herbal seeds to help with the virus. In the past, it has been useful for viruses like HIV and HCV, too, which helped us understand its visionary nature when it comes to treating viruses. This deadly virus has a direct impact on organs and they rapidly start to fail but these seeds have some natural antioxidant properties which help in lightening the damages to the organs. And as we know that this condition comes with a severely harmed respiratory system, Kala zeera uses its anti-inflammatory properties to relieve that, too. But most importantly, the immunomodulatory effect of these seeds has helped in restoring the immune system of many patients and preventing the virus from spreading into the body and damaging the organ system. So, in rough times like these, it is highly recommended to make these seeds a part of your and your family’s daily diet. And it is effortlessly easy as you can add them in a sandwich, salad or even tea.

5. Diabetes

A disease that is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with because of its requirement of constant control in the diet is diabetes. In this issue, your body stops producing insulin which is a hormone Kala jeera helps in providing glucose to your respective organs. Because of this, the blood sugar level gets too high and can lead to possible death if not treated on time. Along with the necessary medical treatments, some herbal remedies must also be incorporated into your daily life so that you can stay safe and secure from contracting any more damages to your body. Luckily, black cumin is brimming with the right amount of herbal and mineral properties that can make your diabetic journey easier for you to endure. It does not only decrease the increased glucose level but also stimulates the production of insulin in your body. The increased protection then decreases the insulin resistance which is usually present in a diabetic organ system. Kala jeera benefits for regulating the right amount of glucose through the body. For the most effective results, it is recommended to take kala zeera with black tea as the first thing in the morning. A fasting body responds much better to the seeds than a full stomach.

This was a list of a few Kala jeera benefits that you can attain if you make Black cumin a part of your life, but let’s be real we all know that it gives more than only this. To have a pack of your Kala zeera, you can visit Ajmal Herbs as they provide it in the finest quality and reasonable price.

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